November 25, 2009

things i want to do during advent

everything has changed around our family, we will be in switzerland, our new home. advent in a new community setting, a different church, having the kids attend school soon, oh and so many more things. it's not easy for me to plan and predict how things will be this year.
the first time too to be around family for the advent and christmas time. i'm very much looking forward but am also a bit skeptical, as i got used to no family obligations. of course we missed our parents siblings and their kids, but there was also the time of enjoying to be just our little family of six.
the following is a list of things i will atempt within the coming weeks. i'm looking forward to prepare for christmas, be it a physical or spiritual act of getting ready and remember the birth of christ our saviour.

- get the advents calendar ready for our family (buy little gifts for 24 pockets) *did it
- bake traditional grittibaenz for saint nicolas day (december 6th) *did it with elias
- make christmas cookies with friends *did it yesterday afternoon with communitiy
- find mistletoe and hang it in our house
- make spiced cider is planned for christmas eve, outside on the fire!
- address and mail christmas cards will not happen!!!
- go to the christmas market in the city with the kids, we went to winterthurs christmas market
- listen to handel's messiah as well as some christmas revels (as we are not able to hear/see them life)
- enjoy the advent evenings with the kids in front of the fire *we do it some times
- help the kids feel at home in their new school setting *so far this is going well
- start tutoring english *starting tomorrow at 4:30pm
- make hot chocolate we made hot cocoa from scratch, last friday, to celebrate the first day of christmas vacation
- make a gingerbread house did it, see here
- make an orange/cinnamon garland
- sing and play (or listen) favorite christmas songs gentle mary...
- read christmas story from the bible
- go to a concert with the family, went to a suzuki recital, i make it count, as we are not able to go anywhere else...
- have a traditional rice porridge breakfast with marzipan pig
- enjoy the advent candles and short meditations regularly *so far so good... still going strong!

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