November 15, 2009

thea's 1st birthday

last thursday was thea's first birthday, our first big celebration in switzerland...
what a happy girl. we are so happy to have her and enjoy every smile of her.

blowing out the candle was a bit of a challenge, of course the big siblings were ready to be her "blower-helpers" and the one little flame was blown out withing seconds by them. never the less,

cake is yummy, thank you grosi for the delicious dessert. thea of course was biting right into it, fork or spoon would have been too slow and to hard to work with.
for me, it was a day to remember last years november 12th, the birth of thea. that day when i cooked splitt pea soup and then welcomed our little girl into world rather quickly!

i just realized, i never wrote the whole birth story down on paper...
it's ok, i will remember allways, it was a spectacular birth!
her in a few quick words.

after dinner i took a warm bath to relax and figure out if the contractions are real and stay steady. they didn't really, they totally slowed down and i told the midwife on the phone that i'm doing just fine and we will see if maybe later or tomorrow i will come to the hospital.
just a few moments after hanging up i realized, that i had very strong contractions for a good 35-40 seconds. but i kind of didn't take them serious. though they would not slow down, i wanted to make them slow down again with some warmer water in my tub. it didn't help...
joel was just finishing up with bringing the boys to bed as i called him, that we have to go right now, and he should call the midwife! i guess i must have been yelling, he burst into our bathroom with phone in hand, trying to get through to our midwife as i felt the urge to push. knowing i should not, i could not hold it. yelling for m our friend in the house, joel on the phone with the midwife i felt thea's head crowning and apearing. now time for a ride to the hospital... and thea was born in our incy whincy bathroom, a waterbirth... (what i wanted but have given up, because of hospital policy). a few moments later, the boys came too and checked out how their new sister looked. months after that they both mentioned to me: "she doesn't look like an alien anymore."
that's what they felt like, i realize... that's ok though. we clammed the umbillical cord and elias could cut it! the very proud big brother.
thea was not even 1hour old when we gathered with our greenhaus people to pray and bless her with a word. thank you b.

of course there would be many more details and little moments, but this has to be enough for now.


Anonymous said...

liebe daniela
schön, dass du den geburtstag noch aufgeschrieben hast - ein jahr später! - die fotos vom 1. geburtstag sind toll.

Anonymous said...

sorry, ich wollte schon unterschreiben... liebe grüsse andrea