November 11, 2009

the first couple of days...

we arrived in switzerland last saturday. touch down at 3:40pm after a bit more than 9h of airplane, it felt good and we were greeted by family and friends.
-thank you all for your love-
the new place had to be explored first by the kids, lots of running around the house and of course up and down all the stairs they found.
we enjoyed a quick dinner and got our sleeping bags out once more to camp out here at our new home.
our sleep is still a bit out of sink with everyone else here in switzerland, but that's ok and will soon be over.
as of today, we unpacked a lot already and are looking for some big book shelf's....
the kids are still without their mattresses but that's ok too. it will take a few try's at second hand stores to find a bunk bed for the boys. joel's brother is scouting for that one, thank you ph.
we are not organized enough to post photos yet, but it will be up in a few more days. as i write this post, i'm standing in our to be office and work space. joel put the mac up on a pile of book boxes, he is doing all he can to get us settled with the "wires".
and of course today is the first time the sun is out! yeah! the kids have been out a lot regardless, there is a back yard with a swing. then also a big space to play badminton... the library is on our schedule for this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home! I'll have to send photos!