November 23, 2009

the "pomme grenade"

i had a smile on my face looking at amos peeling a pomegranate and i know some of you do too. as you know how i used to pronounce that fruit's name it sounded "pomme grenade" like the weapon you throw and explodes. i was often irritated amd felt, that i didn't really want to use that name for such a yummy fruit. but then it also looked like a grenade...
until at some random evening in our house, my friends told me how to correctly pronounce it. i was very embarased but at the same time relieved! that much to my pomme grenade story. i like the fruit and amos loves it, he feels like it's super interesting to digg out all the little juicy red arils.

i felt like winter is coming soon, as it was cooler and cloudy today. very windy and even some drizzle. we enjoyed some moments opening the fruit and just sitting there at the table eating juicy arils was a pleasure for the three of us.

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Cindy said...

Hi! It's so great to see pictures of you guys getting all settled in over there! Daniela, that is a very funny kind of reminds me of "rutabega". :)