November 22, 2009

our new office...

yes it's slowly but steadily getting easier to find things in our new office space.
we got our first piece of furniture from the second hand shop "" a huge book shelf. and it's a wonderful thing to put all our treasured books up on a wall. they will have to be put in order yes, but are now readily available to take down and be used again.
a few more hours and the desks will be at their spots, as well as some seating possibilities... of course my sewing machine (which is not yet bought) will be in this room too. all the crafts materials and fabrics will also have to find their corner.... we will see, there is still a lot of work waiting to be done. as for now, my little mac is in it's corner and i'm once more happily standing in front of it, typing and "googeling" around the world.

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