November 27, 2009

apple pie

yes we were able to make an apple pie, amos helped a lot and it turned out super yummy. i used butter and could not believe how flaky the crust was. it was definitely not the sweetest pie i have made, but for some reason the boys really liked the tart flavor. naomi's voice sounded all excited as she announced: "mama i can taste the cinnamon!" there is a little gourmet in the making.

then this morning i was so happy, waking up, eating breakfast and the sun was out. naomi heading out to kindergarten, and together with amos we made the pumpkin pies. this time two, as we bring one to my brothers house.
i didn't have maple sirup in the house, instead i used local honey. even though i reduced the amount called for, it turned out to be a very sweet pie. of course, joel was excited about this!
and yes it was christine's recipe for the pumpkin pie! what a sweet memory, thank you jp neighbors for the recipes you put together (neighborhood school parents).

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