November 25, 2009

thea's adventures...

how much fun is it to be able to climb on your big brother!
it's tons of fun, especially if the big brother is excited about the little sisters adventures. climbing up in front and letting her slide down on his back.

and of course our new huge bookshelf lends itself to play games with the littlest family member. joel loves those moments, when fear and joy are so close together and thea's excitment is a big gift to us. one of the most exciting feelings of being a parent, seeing her enjoying life! blessings which are so quickly overlooked or taken for granted. but in the middle of our still very jammed and not all set up office room, this is a big flash of joy and gratefulness to have her, right there with us in our every day doings.

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M said...

I'm grateful you are sharing her enjoyment of life with those who care about her! It's wonderful to be able to participate at a distance. She is just so cute (and I like the new bookshelves too, Daniela).