August 30, 2010

a first::for the six year old

naomi's first day of school, and back to school for the boys...
after having moved back to switzerland last year, naomi went to kindergarten and enjoyed it a lot, kindergarten in switzerland is fun. it is very wholesome, and naomi is so ready to start with "real" school. learning to write and read and getting homework! we had many great conversations about it all and during our summer brake there was lots of thinking being done in regards to this new "thing" called school!

so, here we are!
7am we get up and of her cloths have been chosen carefully yesterday evening. of course the dolly "n" had to have breakfast with her and some happy conversations have taken place over the past days, very sweet.

hopping along in her new school bag, not missing a sight on our way to school.

the boys were great, the loved to take her along, very proudly pronouncing her a brave sis and of course, she will have to fend for herself when the sixth graders will be threatening her!
she got to hear all the "horror stories", there was once a brawl and a boy got a scratch in his eye and is now blind... o well i guess those tips of stories make their way around the school yard in any given town... but i thought of it as very cute the way the big brothers coached her for the big day. now a week into it all, it is routine and no big deal, just normal and i'm glad for her. she loves school, she loves to run out of the house every day with her big bros.

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Anonymous said...

Blind! funny, funny stories. Never a shred of truth to them!
Happy Fall!