August 7, 2010

things are happening::amidst getting ready

in these few days before we head east there is lots happening...

::i love the days before holidays

::yesterday was the moment to spend some moments at a health food store to get a few surprises for our friends r & o, no i'm not going to tell you what

::lots of hanging and reading

::amos and i had to get rid of a bit pate brisee, there were some nectarines and blueberries in the fridge too

::the first crop of my tomatoes, the plants start to look too yellow for my taste, it's all that rain we have been getting...

::carambole the game, many hours have been played lately

::the opportunity to clean up the bed rooms has been great. the boys enthusiastically took to it and their room has not been looking as great since we moved in. i loved their energy boost

::this is naomi's energy burst to get ready...

::joel got a new sleep pad, "kaikkialla" sounds great doesn't it! i still have to be happy with my trusted 12 year old therma rest i'm fine with it.

::the violins are ready to come along and so are the drum sticks, which makes me happy. the kids decided on their own that they really want to take the instruments along. i'm sure joel will take all his beloveds along too, which is great, i love music in my ears and thea will do her dancing.

::enough said, we are gone and the blogging will happen again in about 2 weeks

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