November 1, 2010

the evening::with the fire

it was a bit a hard day yesterday, lot's of getting at each other and not wanting to listen to each other. impatience. so we sat together after lunch to come up with a plan for the rest of the day.
the babe had to nap and so it was really just late afternoon and evening open for an outing with all of us.
the first half afternoon was absolutely "bohnanza" and then we headed out into the woods, after all it was halloween night!

our unstoppable babe she was the "owner" of the teapot, we didn't get to use it, it was ok though, we could manage...

gathering wood and making a fire, one of our favorite tasks for all of us in the family. it's a good feeling of being able to manage to make a fire. somehow it makes me feel strengthened and then sitting by a warm hearth is just the best.

after the sausages were grilled and devoured it was time for dessert.
yummy, that's just about the only way i love to eat bananas! o they taste soooo gooood

it was pitch black dark out there, the photo is just about that, so i figured i might as well try something to see what was on it. so it came about, that i embossed it and here we go, i like it.

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