November 15, 2010

thea turned two

we celebrated our little girls second birthday last week! it was a great day, windy, rainy, cold and guests all over. a day to stay indoors and enjoy the warmth of lit candles!
i know i can't really tell how much fun the day was. especially how much thea enjoyed her "bithda" singing and laughing a lot, eating and smiling!

a wonderful pink birthday cake by grandma and opa, they showed up already at 10 in the morning to celebrate!

and there was a little project of mine... i know how much thea loves blankets and the feel of soft fabrics anywhere. so i got to work just the day before and put together a little lap quilt. on one side i used an old fliece and the front side are pieces from my stash, it turned out great, i'm very happy with it.

her letter T got appliqued on the back. i had fun doing this and am sure i will do it again of course there are more old blankets around the house who would want to be upcycled!

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Eileenmc said...

We have a small closet full of lap quits in our house too . Although they aren't home made I prefer having a quilt on my lap than turning up the heat in the house,