January 9, 2012

my list for 2012

as promised, the list is here,
it's not complete it's not all inclusive, and this is fine. it's my attempt to live life as much as i can. with ideas, with the attention to the moment as well as the ability to look ahead. it is a life lived with trials and errors. an ever changing life as a mother of four growing kids and partner to a loving and patient husband.
let's see what else will be added in the course of this year, i'm sure plenty of adventures i do not foresee at all. and it will change and mold me, this is what makes the everyday extraordinary and unique. i do take myself along to walk the path of the already started and year, it's not going to stop and wait, i will go with it anyhow and run if needed on some days...

1. see the exhibit on miro, monet, mathisse and one other special exhibit at the kunsthaus
2. help amos how to ski and naomi how to snowboard during our february vacation
3. knit a cardigan for myself with the wool form portugal
4. don't forget my friends birthdays and write them a birthday card
5. visit one of elias orchestra rehearsals until march
6. get used to my new camera
7. be more calm and relaxed when things not work the way i planned it
8. go through my cloth rack and just keep what i was wearing within the past year
9. sew a quilt for thea with the fabric already stacked up
10. read 12 books, including some fiction and magazines
11. finding the time and quiet to meditate on the word and pray in my daily routine
12. sew a dress or two for the girls
13. say yes to my kids more
14. have a more positive attitude
15. go hiking in the summer months, at least one high mountain with the kids
16. use the stew pot more for one pot meals
17. be able to not control everything and every moment in life and still be happy with what's going on around me

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