February 2, 2012

the big snow is here


o the big happiness arrived alongside. the big kids of course were very excited to see all that white this morning and wanted to leave early for school. though i guess not really for school, much more for a good snowball fight before school... and i'm so happy they do like the precious white and don't mind to dress up a bit warmer. we also discovered the loss of amos' warm gloves as well the missing winter boots for elias. how this happened, i don't know.
the gloves we noticed already on tuesday, though amos didn't mind and was going to look through the "lost and found" box at school. knowing now, that they have not been there, he uses mine for the moment being.
the solution for elias was a creative one, we decided on wearing legwarmers with his regular keens. i was thinking he would wear the legwarmers over his pants to keep the snow out, though he decided that he wanted to wear them under his pants, in order to not be picked on by his peers. i'm glad he figured out a solution for not having snow boots and still being able to not get cold feet. they all came home very happy tumbling into the house, of course i had to hear all those stories of how they enjoyed that precious white.
and thea wanted to go out too. i helped her gear up, she was super excited to be able to wear her "new" snow suit and even more happy to roll around  outdoors. wonderful, i'm so very grateful for the way nature provides us with treats. this time it is the big snow at the beginning of february!

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