February 14, 2012

the trip to the frozen harbor

the harbor of rapperswil on lake zurich is frozen and open for people to skate and enjoy. it opened on saturday and as we are on winter brake  we just had to go and enjoy this event. it is the first time since 23 years.
we went there by train and enjoyed a good cup of soup as some beef jerky, though the kids did notice that the jerky is not american and that they like the american better, much better... never the less it's fun to have a picnic on the train.
then the ice, o it was perfect, and the boys felt bad that they decided to not bring their skates (as they where thinking, that it would be the same as on lake paeffikon, lots of snow on the ice, and skating was not fun...). the ice was almost clear and naomi enjoyed her skates a lot. the boys ran around and had fun never the less and thea too. it did give me an ere feel, walking on the ice in the lagoon of lake zurich, where usually there is just water and boats...
after some good icy time we went for a cup of tea near by and on the way home i was enjoying a few rows of knitting. over all we all had a very good time an exciting vacation day, yeah!

last night the people of the community went for a walk on lake pfaeffikon. we decided to go for a nightly walk as it was just so super crowded in the day. (those night photos are by joel)

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