April 9, 2012

the fire-pots in the orchard

photos by joel

this was a most spectacular sight last night. it was late and we wanted to go to bed as all of a sudden we saw those fire-pots in the apricot orchard. it took us a moment to figure out what those fires were and why they were there...
as the past few weeks were very warm and just now for the easter weekend a cold spill hit, the apricot trees were in full bloom. those precious little flowers were in danger to freeze over night as the temperatures hit the mid twenties.
joel and the boys ventured out to the orchard and had a chat with the farmer. he lit about 60 buckets to warm the air up for about 4 Celsius, which is just about what was needed.
what a stunning, labor intensive way to keep the blossoms from being harmed.

elias was so very excited about it, as he knew of this technique. he read about it in the book "tangerine". of course he had to go out and see how the fire buckets worked. as in the book, the orchard was heated with old rubber tires...
there is so much to be learned every day (or night in this case).

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