April 12, 2012

yellow on my needles

not just on my needles also on my kitchen table!
naomi is often coming home with flowers in her hands, flowers for me. almost every day there is a new little bouquet for me to receive and i absolutely love this.
and then today, i got dandelions in her spring bouquet. i love the strong yellow, the yellow which is calling for warm and sunny weather. it has already warmed my heart and reminded me of what's on my needles.
i spottet the dark yellow yarn a couple weeks ago, it's a mix of silk, polyester and cotton, i needed to take it home. the colour is very pretty and the texture is smooth and slippery as silk. it knits nicely and is definitely made for warm weather knitting. looking for a lacy type of pattern led me to semele. after having knit two cardigans over the past few months, and they both were in lots and lots of garter stitch, i felt like i wanted a bit a slower project, so here we go. it is absolutely slow, very slow, and i have to read each line, each stitch on the pattern. and i have to say, i love it and it's a very different kind of knitting of slowing down of relaxing and letting go. i'm sure there will be more to come.

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