July 3, 2012

delicious raspberries in our backyard

last summer we planted raspberries and currents. the currents were in full bloom and carried lots of little green berries. the chicken loved them...
i really didn't get too upset, the bushes are not tall and so the chickens had free access to the not ripe berries and picked all of them, not one was left to turn red and be discovered by thea or me.
at least the raspberries are high up there, and safe. we did observed the chickens last year, as they flapped their wings and managed to pick our neighbors low hanging grapes. the neighbor was not happy and since then the chickens are being kept in our garden.
i'm so very happy with the raspberries turning red and tasting delicious. it's about my favorite berry and i'm tempted to plant a few more plants. though they would be in a different corner of our garden and likely an autumn raspberry. so we would be able to stretch the harvest of fresh fruit on our own grounds. i'm still a bit over whelmed looking at the selection here. maybe i will go to the market and ask one or two sellers what they offer and recommend. as i notice there is some time left until they have to be planted in october.

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