July 19, 2012

kistenpass and kistenstoeckli

so this are a few pics of our wonderful hike up in the mountains of glarus. not a lot to be added to this photos, some of them by me but it was mostly joel taking the pics.
the "kistenpass huette" was an excellent place to stay over night, thanks to hansueli the host. yesterday was perfect for the steep hike up to "kistenstoeckli" (the peak on the left side of the last photo).

of course there would be lot's to tell you about, but i just don't have the muse to do so. of course there is a nice panorama from a top of the kistenstoeckli...

one more note, there is a huge construction site up at the muttsee see for yourself here, as you might imagine not pretty but never the less fascinating.

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Ellen said...

You and your husband (and family) must love the outdoors and are in good shape. Did you have to train for this hike?