December 19, 2012

a bit of a blurr

since last sunday i'm fighting a cold, not the nose is the problem, but my throat! i can't remember having such a sore throat paired with a slight ear ache...
on monday joel was so kind to let me sleep in, getting breakfast set and the three older kids on their way to school. i stayed in bed until mid morning, don't remember the last time doing so. with some unwashed sheep's wool put close to my ear all night, i was able to cure the ear ache. the throat is getting better thanks to lots of sage leaf tee, i tell buckets of it and it does sooth my sore throat. i was able to swallow rice and a regular meal again today.  this all blurs my mind a bit and i'm quit easily irritated. sorry for all in my close vicinity if i'm a bit harsh or rough on any of you. it will get better again i'm sure.

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