December 3, 2012


it was a wonderful weekend out in the snow we were for hours. the sledding was fun and elias absolutely enjoyed the workings of his snow board. it's his first winter on the board, he has been skiing in the past. the other three wanted to sled and that was fine with me as i preferred that too. though honestly i mostly stood still and the camera in hand...
never the less it was excellent snow and not very cold. just a bit below freezing which made the adventure a lot of fun.

after we arrived inside again of course the ginger bread house could not be looked at for much longer. elias made it at school and decided that he was going to share it with all of us. even the yummy marzipan pigs in the pigs sty were shared among all. and hot coco being served with it, o so yummy and belly warming, there is really no cozier moment then after a snow adventure being back in the warm living room with family and a hot drink.

and there we go, thea has made some big steps in her ability of using markers, pencils. she is now clearly stating that her people had hair and hands and feet. and their mouths are telling how they feel, o so right she is.
i'm sure we are on a wonderful path with her, one more to discover the power of lines! and yes i will try to help her feel comfortable and able to keep drawing and painting past the "hard years".... would be just so wonderful.

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Jessica Savage said...

I envy your snow! It was in the 70's here today.