December 4, 2013

@ Glasix

last wednesday amos and i were at Glasix, an art atelier who does workshops for kids, youth and adults in our neighborhood. what a wonderful afternoon we had, learning how to cut glass and then also lay it out and glue with elmers. and then on monday we could go and pick up our objects.
it was great to take the time and spend it with amos, working on our own objects, with the same material which was new to both of us. i guess my former cabinet maker training got me a bit of an advantage in regards to glass cutting by hand...
there was a bit of geometry and organizational talent involved with the laying out of the glass bars, and then there is a whole lot of fun involved, to try things out and see what will happen.
i'm very happy with the outcome of the snowflake, that one was definitely a bit tricky and needed lots of pieces. we both liked to work with glass and the magic of melting seems to have done it's trick.

thank you beatrice for teaching us.

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