December 12, 2013

"guetzli backen"

we have had a wonderful night making christmas cookies. there was a good amount of preparation going on by k to have everyone of our little community be able to help along in different ways and make cookie baking fun for the whole house. the kids of course were super excited and could hardly wait until the different tasks were handed over to the people. some folks were not very enthusiastic about being a connoisseur for 40 minutes, though it turned out to be a wonderful moment and each person had at least some fun moment. as cookie making can be tedious, this time it didn't seem to bother anyone, and i have to say, the result has been very nice not just to see, but also very yummy to eat!

so lets go on with the christmas cookie baking frenzy, amos is all in and i'm sure we will have a friend over before we know it!

we made "chraebeli" (with anis), pfeffernuesse (spicy balls), brunsli (chocolate and hazelnut), and coconut macaroons.

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