March 31, 2014

a full and musical weekend

 there were so many things going on this weekend...
one of those was the jump concerts for amos. he has been practicing with a youth orchestra for the past two months, lots of excitement and overall a good experience. on saturday as well as sunday evening were the concerts. i missed them both, well there was our poetry night at a friends house on saturday night, which joel and i were looking forward too for a long time. some organizational skills were needed and happy me, being part of a big close knit family, grandma and naomi went to the concert and enjoyed it. thank you family for stepping in the gap. on sunday evening joel and elias went and enjoyed it too. as me and the girls were at my sisters birthday gathering, a sunny afternoon in garden, with desserts and good fun company.
so what about me and amos' musical exploration into orchestra..... i will be going to the concert next sunday afternoon, when the music school is having an open house concert! i'm excited and really enjoy the little pics joel took, i'm very much looking forward to listen to amos and all his orchestra colleagues.

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