March 11, 2014

hanging it outdoors again!

the first laundry this year has been hanging in the garden!
and how wonderful is this, i'm so happy about this. i don't really mind doing laundry, 5-7 loads each week, just one of the chores which don't require a whole lot of thinking and keep the hands busy. during the winter months though, i sometimes feel locked in the basement and that seems now has ended for the season....
it would be perfect if i could hang all of it out of doors, in the warm and clean spring breeze, as i did today. then doing laundry really is a treat.

as you might observe, it is really still the beginning of march and no leafs have come out yet, though with every warm day we enjoy the trees buds are getting more ready to burst open. the daffodils have started peaking out, in our front bed the first yellow flowers are out and it seems like they are looking at all of the passers by with lots of happiness. spring is in the air, yeah!

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