March 17, 2014

spring all over

it has been so warm and sunny for two weeks already and spring is good to breath and enjoy. totally absolutely here, i was sitting in the lawn chair behind the house and soaking up the warm and bright beams, and this on a monday afternoon! the week started out so nice, a run in the morning sun, a meeting to plan the kids program for the coming sunday mornings and laundry in the best of weathers you can imagine.
and this all, after a very relaxing weekend. we were at my parents and the house was full as most of my family was there for the weekend. a wonderful time of enjoying some good conversations. the kids enjoying their cousins and seeing them all making and chatting and doing and singing and baking and playing together, made me deeply grateful for the family we are.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

The flowers are lovely. We're slowly easing into spring here in New York. It's still cold but the snow that covered the ground for most of the winter is almost completely melted. Now we have to endure the mud. Yuck!! Especially when you have two dogs and two cats that like to bring it in with them!! : ) Have a wonderful day!!

~ Wendy xo