October 15, 2018

at rawil

vacationing and enjoying it!
that might really have been what we did last week. joel found this little spot on the map, while we were on the road. the "barrage at rawil" was a next wonderful spot to go for a walk and stay over night. while we walked toward the farther end of the dammed lake, we came upon a sign which pointed to the north. what an exciting idea for next summer to hike from here to the other side, the bernese side of the mountain, we could do that via wildhorn or weisshorn ...
well this is just in my head, maybe even just in the back of it, but it would be fun and overnight in a SAC hut up there... it might be even something we could take thea along.

the way home was an other adventure, as we decided to take the camper on the train at lötschberg. so much fun in just a few days!

and after all the fun, an hour of vaccuming and cleaning and bringing the camper back to my brother in law. thank you a for lending it to us, knut has served us well, and i'm sure, we will ask you again.

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