November 1, 2018

toss up and shuffling around

i was kind of locked up this morning. i'm in my last year for my religous-education degree. and part of this last year is practical experience with lots and lots of reflection. not just me reflecting my teaching lessons, but also within a group setting. i'm absolutely aware how it sounds, when i say; we are eight ladies, all in their first few years of teaching primary school kids in a semi voluntairy classroom setting (for the kids it is kids and their parents it is up to them, if they want to come and be thaught in christian formation/katechism).
i do understand the importance and also setting safe setting it is, to help each other through difficult classroom situations. still, for me it is a very challangeing setting being "locked up" for 3 hours. especially today, as the morning started out so wonderfully sunny, after 4 days of rain and fog and overcast. i managed and was so very happy to get out and running this afternoon.
yes, running i was, after 12 days of not doing so. i feel physically fit again, just getting the strength back from curing a cold with a migrane and stuffed sinuses. i'm back alife and happy, able to use my body again.

this said, i also am tossing up and shuflling around a few things in my life. a bit more teaching and advent season approaching, i still want to be able to get some sewing and knitting done. i have not been able to give those tasks a good alottement of time. and so, i decided, while in the woods this afternoon. i need to step back a bit from my "virtual" world. it is now lightly said, it even takes me some second thoughts writing this down. there have been so many memories written on these pages, right here. but i stick with my decision, there will be "the week :: through the lens" on fridays, but everything else is tossed up.
i'm a bit curious myself, of how many days i will keep posting....

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