November 18, 2010

a new spiral scarf

a few years back i crochet a spiral scarf for naomi, she still adores it. i have to say i like the look and feel of it too...
so here we go again, originally naomi started the project, but really wasn't able to get into it very much. it was a bit too challenging doing double crochet and having to do two double crochet stitches into one regular. anyway i love the wool and just took over. she is fine and very happy for thea to get one of those twirly scarfs as she does!
thea wanted it to try this morning and i let her, it's fun to see her playing with it and i'm sure she will enjoy the end product, but this will take a few more hours.
the wool is out of my stash and i added some hand spun. we will see how far it lasts, maybe i will have to find one more ball of wool some where in the stash. that fine, i like to keep going and adding to this scarf just the way it happens.

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