November 30, 2010

"zetteli baum"

there was this frame in our house, sitting in the living room for the past couple of months. we wanted to put it up on the wall, and some folks living in the house started to work on it, but got stuck and finally did take the time to hang this big huge frame. it was a window frame in it's original life... (salvaged from the house next door which is being renovated).

and then it's winter time and we wanted to put something in the frame...
i started to sew lots of little paper snippets together into a long chane.

a few yards all together, ready to be hung

it took a few tries to get it right. of course there would be many ways to do this little project. i'm happy the way it turned out and i'm sure we will be having all kinds of different works of art in this frame. i'm looking forward to new things and for now enjoy my "zetteli baum"