March 8, 2008

internationaler tag der frau

international womans day. yes i do remember the politicized day! we were all wearing some purple, at least a bandanna or a ribbon. there is one year i remember i guess it must have been 1993 in zurich lots of women took the day off and went to the streets to protest for their rights of equality. mainly to the get the attention to the rights of women for equal opportunity in the business world as well as the right of equal wages. i was not marching in the streets but observed the happenings from afar.

then in 2005 i encountered a very different tradition, being observed at womans day.... our romanian friends introduced me to the tradition of their homeland. the husband is going to the woods to pluck a bushel of "maieriesli" for his wife. it was such an enjoyable moment to see ruben going to franklinpark and get some maieriesli for his wife oxana. it was not easy as here in new england spring is not quiet here in early march...
international womans day
International museum of women
petition gegen frauenhandel

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