March 27, 2008

my rocking chair

this rocking chair has been transformed! yes i got it from a friend, i loved it from the beginning and was so very happy about it. though it was not usable as there was no back and the seat was falling apart as well. i did the back with this lovely upholstery fabric from white lotus, i don't think they are still carrying this one (i bought it 5 years ago...). somehow the chair's seat just didn't get done for the past 2 years, but i felt like i had to, after my husband pointed it out to me. (he never says anything about what i should be doing, or he thinks needed to be done, but it was just an eyesore and i guess dangerous to everyone not knowing how to sit on the 1/2 broken chair).

i got the fabric and fishing line out, a needle and a pair of scissors. to my surprise within 3 hours i was done! yes and it looks lovely, is safe and comfortable once again.

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