June 5, 2008

1st thursday

this was the first sight you were able to spot of the suzuki kids, playing at boing. being part of the 1st thursday event along center/south street, the toy shop boing "displayed" violin playing kids in it's window! it's so much fun to live in a lively neighborhood! about a dozen kids and their parents helped to move the shop a few doors down the street. everyone joined with a wagon to load a few boxes full of toys, pull them half a block and unload the "treasures" at the new shop location. than you elaine for letting us take part in this!

for all the brave people who dared to step inside, there was some great music to hear. thank you bekka for teaching our kids, it's great to hear them play and see them beaming happily while playing songs and minuets.

even the cows were stunned and could not move there legs one step further...

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