June 26, 2008

pita bread

i had to try this! home made pita bread, sounds just too good to not try. so i did and it turned out nice. the whole family as well as our friends we had over for dinner savored it.
i will make an other batch today, as we head out to the woods. elias will attend the twin state suzuki institute and we will all stay at a camp ground near by.
we will be back on monday......

prepare the bread dough, and give it plenty of time to rise. divide it up, and form little rolls, let them sit again and cover with a wet towel.

flatten the rolls with a rolling pin, use flour, so the dough doesn't stick to the pin or the surface.
roll them out just as needed.

and then bake them in a super hot ~480F oven, on a stone put at the lowest rack. bake for just 4 minutes. they puff because of the hot bottom heat that produces vapor, it's fun to watch and delicious to eat.

1/2 warm water and 2tbsp dry yeast and 1tsp honey, dissolve yeast in lukwarm water
3 cups all purpose flour (i use 1/3 whole wheat and add some bran)
1 1/4 tsp salt
1 cup lukwarm water
coat large bowl with olive oil, cover dough with damp towel and let dough rise to the double or bigger of it's size (it may need 3h of rising time).
make rolls and let them sit and rise again.
preheat oven to 480F, including baking stone.
roll each ball into a circle about 5 inches, 1/4 inch thick, put on hot stone and bake for 4 minutes. take spatula and gently push down puff.

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