July 21, 2010

peaches on sale::there must be marmalade

i noticed yesterday at the grocery store, that spanish peaches are on sale....
the next thought was marmalade, there must be peach marmalade recipes out there. i went straight home to find some interesting ones, the one with carrots caught my eye and then there was one with kiwi, this was it!
i quickly went over to the grocer again and got a big bag of peaches and kiwis, carrots were in my basement as well as the needed sugar, oranges and lemons.

so here we go, for the one with carrots i didn't need to peel the peaches, easy just cutting

the same with the carrots, no peeling, just cutting, cooking and pureeing

the colour looks grate, the consistency too, it tastes a bit of carrot, but really not a whole lot. i'm happy we will see tomorrow what the rest of the family will say!
1kg peaches
1kg carrots
5dl orange juice (freshly squeezed)
1kg sugar

the other kind needed a bit more attention in regards to the peeling of peaches as well as the kiwis

this one has big junks of fruit in it and the kiwi fell a bit too much apart. we will see, i'm inclined to try this one again, just for looks, as the taste is just wonderful. i love the sour taste the kiwi adds to the peach.
1kg peaches
1kg kiwi
2tbsp lemon juice
1kg sugar

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