October 14, 2010

desserts at the wedding

joel's youngest brother got married last saturday and we all enjoyed a great celebration. lots of laughter, lots of wishes, many good words and wonderful company. thank you a&r for having us at your memorable day!

and then there was that wonderful dessert buffet, it was blowing me away, here a few of the wonderful sweets...

any kind of fruit sorbet and creme vanilla you can imagine, with fresh berries and warm italian plums on the side!

i love vermicelli and in those backed and chocolate covered tart shells, just a dream!

a huge fruit platter, figs, pineapple, kiwi, peach o and so many more exotics!

what a happy and it also seems dessert loving couple, her dress was great, quiet simple and a natural rough silk.

oh yes! there was a astonishing cheese platter. rockfort, tripple creme camembert, hemp cheese, gruyere, lokal specialties from goat and sheep. o well there was really just a blast of flavors on this platter. i had to try and it blew me away!
i know some people liked the white and dark chocolate moose the best, but this cheese platter was just not to be missed a definite high for me!

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