October 18, 2010

the three of us on holidays

it was a first for us to have the older three kids at camp for a week and so we took the opportunity and went into the southern canton ticino for a short holiday.
we stayed at a hotel garni (b&b) and enjoyed the warmth and sunshine of autumn.

the first hike started out in intragna and led across the ponte romana. a wonderful start into the day. within 2hours of up hill hiking in the chestnut forest of the centovalli we arrived in rasa.!

a great find, and i still feel one of those prickly needles in my thumb...
i don't know why i picked these chestnuts, still in "hull" up from the ground!

the by 11am the sun stood high and it was warm. looking back down the mountain into the valley. just stunning. it was already well worth the sweat of the past hour.

the view which presented itself at our lunch rest.
after that we got the borrowed hiking map out of the back pack. it was printed in the year 1962, we knew that we could not trust the recorded paths anymore, but still figured we will be able to find our way from rasa to palagnedra. we did, but definitely not by regular rout. we searched for passable paths, and often could not find a difference of path and over grown mountain pastures. the fern grew as high as us and the houses built of rocks must have been abandoned for many centuries. anyway we made it down to the river by climbing and holding on to shrubs and some climbing. it was not planned that way and realized upon arriving at the bottom of the rock face, that we were still able to do things we would not have chosen to if known.

at the end waiting for the train. sitting in the sun, knitting and drinking. happily looking back on a wonderful day of adventures.

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