December 22, 2010

baked snow flakes

it just so happened that a big christmas package from a friend (thank you c, what a surprise!!!) arrived yesterday. and we all got some special goodies, you will definitely see some photos at some point of the new ears amos got...
naomi got a pack of shrinky dink's and i stumbled across this post at "thelongthread".

we got to work, printed the snow flake template and mounted it on the sheet and naomi did a great job cutting it out. we followed the instructions and got some wonderful baked and frosted snow flakes.

we picked some card stock, folded it and pinched holes for the silver thread.
mounted the flakes and added a few glass beads which we dug out from under all the wire, yarn and ribbon materials.

and i have to say the cards look good, we are both very happy with the result of our afternoon crafting.

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