December 7, 2010

our winter garland

in the past years i loved to hang the winter garland up too. though it didn't make it across the atlantic last year... and i didn't have the time last winter to dry orange slices, find star anis (cooking with star anis) and nice cinnamon sticks. but yesterday things came together

last week i bought some fair trade oranges and sliced them up to dry in the oven
cinnamon sticks and star anis were bought a few weeks ago at the local produce market, there is usually a stand with oriental spices around this time of year. metal wire was still in my shoe box full "ribbons and things" so i just had to take the time to put everything together.
yesterday was the second of advent, it snowed outside, was cold and we lit the fire in our living room. sitting at the table with a mug hot cocoa and the "ingredients" for our garland. it turned out well, i love it and it smells delicious. advent has truly arrived.

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Eileenmc said...

I never saw a garland like this. It looks like the garlands are strung along doorways. I love love the three shapes and they way they hang together - sticks, orange orbs and stars.

What do you do with the oranges when you've finished?