December 27, 2010

the celebrating and quiet

as so many years before, we opted for a traditional christmas. we invited friends we knew would be lonely and sad not having family or a place to celebrate. with tree a decorated tree, real candles on it as it is still tradition in switzerland. and the tree was put up in the living room on the afternoon of the 24th (it will stay there until epiphany january 6th). our family was visiting that afternoon and when we arrived, it was such a nice site to enter the decorated room.

the following day we went to my parents and the kids got all one present. our family decided earlier to opt for a communal surprise, a pasta maker. except thea, she got her own silver ware!

as it was all white and cold outside, i enjoyed some knitting. it will become a pair of pants...
once more we really enjoyed every moment with family and friends and didn't miss the big presents under the tree. christmas is not and really has never been a "market place" in our family, and i'm glad for it.

we will be gone for the rest of the week, planning to be back on monday, enjoy a good end of this year and of course a wonderful start into the new year which we soon will get used to.

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