October 6, 2011

enjoyiong walden pond

listening to henry david thoreau's "walden", was a wonderful enjoyment. it really brought home the ramblings and pondering of an imaginary world, as i would so much love to live in the wild. and not just anywhere, this is right there at walden pond, where we swam, where we picnicked, where we enjoyed a stroll through the woods. nearby apple orchards, pumpkin patches, what ever else is being thought of when i hear new england-indian summer.
this has been a good preparation for my trip to boston within just a week amos and i will be flying out there, back to our old home, back to the past 12 years of my life...
there are lists of places and people to visit, things to see and lists of items i want to buy and bring back to switzerland with me. lists of cloths and books to pack, of gifts we are bringing along. there might be little paragraphes written down as i do have to work through some reverse culture shock stuff. and i do know it will be a roller coaster of emotions happening inside me.
it has been 2 years since we moved across the big pond to our roots in switzerland, it has not been a smooth ride at all, but i know life is never a smooth ride. there have been hurdles to jump over and sometimes collide. and that's ok we manage and i more than ever slow down and live day bay day, carried in the loving hand of God.

:: i did find a sequence of beautiful photos from the walden woods here
:: of course there has been an impersonating of henry david thoreau, it was fun watching this one, and again, listen and get inspired to live life deliberately, honestly and self sustaining
:: the walden woods project an other interesting place to explore
:: Morning Edition, Jill Kaufman explores the origins of Thoreau's Walden

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