October 31, 2011

it's late fall

still october, cool and foggy, the season is at it's latter end. harvesting has mostly ended, a few more apples are out there on the tree, we will head out on wednesday to get them and press them into cider. the butternut squashes are all taken home from my friends garden. it strikes me as funny to see them paired up with the boys soccer ball. the ball is taken out every day, across the street onto the fiel, which has turned into a muddy playfield instead of well tended soccer field. though the kids don't mind, as long as there is a ball to kick nothing matters.

the last of the autumn flowers are out, and for the summer floor it is seed pod time, very delicate, very spiky and wonderfully grown. those are my favorite seed pods, the "jungfer im gruenen" or latin nigella damascena, a lovely flower but then when the seed pods are here, i love them even more.

of course this one is at it's peak, the sedum is almost glowing with it's bright pink and i'm really excited that this one will keep being pink for many more weeks to come. such a joy when i'm standing on the front steps looking out into the autumn fog and still there it is, this bright spot of autumn!

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