October 4, 2011

right now

there are lots of emotions going on...

:: savoring every bright coloured flower in front of the house and on the kitchen table

:: collecting every possible flower seed for next season
:: preserving a batch of mixed mushrooms

:: knitting on my field blanket as well as starting naomi's skirt
:: listening to "walden" by henry david thoreau, read by william hope
:: storing 320 liters of sweet apple cider in the basement
:: baking the first apple crisp of this season, o yes autumn has arrived
:: planning our trip to boston, and getting really excited to see my friends most of them having not seen over two years!!!

:: loving each and every day with it's sunshine still keeping us company into october
:: enjoying the chattering of the egg laying chickens

:: and missing the two roosters waking me up in the morning, too many complaints of neighbors...
:: anticipating new people joining our little community, still not knowing who it will be and when it will happen
:: flipping through "himmlische kuechengelueste"
:: wanting to cook and prepare delicious food for all the wonderful people around me
:: happily ordering a few pairs of tights for the big girl
:: as i'm expecting some cooler air swinging in within the next weeks, it is october, even though we have been registering 20C every day this week
:: greatful for wednesdays, as joel is working from home and has the afternoon off

enjoy your wednesday as much as i do

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AQlicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

This was such a great post!! You have really been busy.Oh and that apple cider and apple crisp sound wonderful!!