March 29, 2012

the goeppeli

getting the like a bike stolen was last week, riding our little "goeppeli" (that's what we call this very old super small bike)
it has been with us for years! we found it on the side of the street on trash pick up day back in 2002, meanwhile we had to replace the back tire. all three older kids learned to ride on this one. and so did thea within the last few days.
we didn't plan to take it along across the atlantic when we moved 2.5 years ago, but there was still room in the moving box, the movers asked us what else they should pack in there. it just so happened that the "goeppeli" was not being sold by our side walk sale, joel grabbed it and here we are!
o such a happy day, look at the confident biker, doing her loops and circles on our drive way...

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