March 19, 2012

the weekend and a monday morning

lots of time being spent out of doors, a wonderful saturday, hiking and grilling and enjoying the swings and garden which is still so very bare. we all enjoyed the visit at my brothers. it was so much pleasure to me to walk the bare gardens, pastures which are just starting to get green and grow fat grass for the cows. snow drops are all over the place and the bees are being tended by the beekeeper. i love the signs of spring in nature and soon enough there will be big buds on trees and bushes to burst open and let the leafs and flowers out into the fresh air.
there was also some fun time spent indoors. a good fishing game was entertaining not just the girls but all of us, either watching or fishing in turns.

and now today, we started the week with a few sad moments, thea's "like a bike" got stolen, as we spent 15 minutes in the grocery store. the second event, elias came home early from school, feeling sick and really looking pale as bed sheets do. the potato gnocchi and spinach for lunch were yummy, though amos absolutely disliked them and let all of us know with a loud voice and very uncertain terms....

o well, i'm still alive and will try hard to look at the bright side of life:
- naomi is happily crafting some flowers
- amos is again immersed into a different world, reading and not looking up for anything
- the chickens laid more eggs, definitely a sign of more daylight
- i'm knitting and naomi's cardigan is growing in a faster pace than i expected, wonderful

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Alicia said...

We hate to hear about Thea's bike and hope E is feeling better. Anytime you get complaints about your wonderful cooking, just tell the complainer that you know LOTS of people in JP who would love to be eating delicious Daniela dinner! Thinking of you.....