March 26, 2012

the afternoon behind the house

 what a lovely afternoon, and we spent it behind the house. just us and the three chickens. sunning, reading, making a fire and grilling sausages. eating veggies with dip and drinking water. a lot of water as the afternoon was very warm. running around bare foot and short sleeved in mid march is not what we are used to. we do take it though and absolutely enjoyed it.

it is true though, those family afternoons are often not super harmonious. yesterday was rather intense, the kids fight for their turns on the swing. they so very often want to occupy-play-take over, that single one interesting spot...
 of course there are many fun places and corners behind the house, but like usual just one "perfect" spot and yesterday it was the swing. it did help though to point out to naomi, that there is a fire place, she started a fire and yes we did grill sausages and all of us enjoyed it. and the chickens had to be observed very closely, as there is new compost soil in the raspberry corner...
i got do doodle a bit and joel took care of some fun pic's, as you can see above.

today's monday morning started with 5 loads of laundry, now all hanging at the very same behind the house spot where we jumped and laughed yesterday. the sun came back and the laundry will be perfect to put away in a moment. i also washed all the hats and mittens, in good hope that we will not need them again until late september. let's see if i'm right.

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