January 20, 2014

early dusk and ramblings

the long evenings are still prominent, mid january is in the midst of winter, even though there has not been any snow. it doesn't feel like winter here in switzerland, the temperatures are very mild. though the early dusk times are reality and we face long times of crafting, drawing and painting, reading and listening.
thea has been working for many times on this dish towel with fabric pastels, we just ironed it this weekend. she has been listening to lots of globi tapes, listening to many a storybook, told by me or her siblings. and i have been listening to "the boy in the striped pyjamas" by john boyne. i have been wanting to read the book for quiet a while, even had it brought home  from the library at least twice... i'm glad i finally took the time to listen, wonderful narration by Michael Maloney.
lots to think, lots to talk and more to think and reflect.

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Anonymous said...

The fabric coloring looks like a very neat project.