January 7, 2014

stitching in the sunshine

a week ago, i started a x-stitch project and it was tedious to get it all set up and figure it out. there is to say, i have never done cross stitching in the past, so of course it's to be expected starting out a new craft! so i did, try this and that and use the thread double and triple and after many a undo and redo i'm glad i started and going happily on with it.

i did plan something different for this afternoon, though a friend called me right after lunch, she was sick and asked if her 4 year old could come over. of course our little friend was invited and the two of us enjoyed a wonderful afternoon, reading, stitching, puzzling, going for a walk in the beautiful sunshine. much different from most parts of the us, we enjoy a super mild week with feelings of spring in the air. though i'm sure and i do hope, winter will come and it should get cold and snowy at least once this season! but for now, i gladly soak it all up and love it.

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