January 9, 2014

more ramblings and the code

i was rambling a bit about the deco on our living room table yesterday. now today it's our kitchen table...
it's winter though not really feeling like winter at all. just today we observed how one farmer near by was plowing his field (last year there was cabbage planted. i'm so super curious what will be the next crop.
though back to the kitchen, the advents wreath has long gone and for a while we used up the lasting candles. and then? i do need candles on the table in this dark time of year, but what else? as i was putting back the first christmas decoration, i found those felt trees, i made them a few years back and still like them. so they got taken out and the little cats got added, why a donkey too? don't know, that's just what i ended up liking on my display and so it is.

after a yummy afternoon snack, the girls took out their "home work", thea is super eager to work on her "code". it's great to see how she is progressing and getting quickly better on handling the pencils. so much fun to be part of a young childs learning experience, once more i love watching her and helping her along.

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