April 7, 2014

picking up pieces and blocks

it's long (there was a bit here and there), since i have been working on this quilt... though i grabbed the pieces and a good junk of time last friday morning. how wonderful is it to be able to work for three hours in one sitting and get so much accomplished. picking fabric for the backing, cutting and piecing it together again. adding some creative little blocks into the mix and play around. it was wonderful.
it will be a regular twin size quilt (or at least something like it). it is sandwiched with an organic cotton fleece. and i already made the call to my sister in law, that i might want to borrow her machine. she has a new bernina and i will be free motion quilting with the amazing little stitch regulator foot. it's all new to me and i think i will like it. often i did struggle with the stitch length when free motion quilting.
so there we go the sandwiched quilt is ready for an other big session of sewing...

meanwhile, i work on the backing of one more quilt... it's fun and i do enjoy to dig into a stack of vintage fabric, which my mother in law had dropped off a couple months ago. more in a later post.

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