April 28, 2014

pickled eggs

i have never made or even tasted pickled eggs, but i thought of them as looking very cool. and so i embraced a new little project last week. i pickled eggs!
so here i am studying a recipe and collecting all the different spices, including running to the root cellar at my parents (as we stayed with them) to find a beet. it is definitely not hard to do, cooking up the onion and spices in the apple vinegar (or replace the apple vinegar for some other rather strong brand of vinegar, it worked fine). the kids started to come to the kitchen and ask me what i'm cooking for lunch.... no not lunch, a pickling project is going on and all four were quickly leaving the kitchen with a few comments of not being very excited about my pickling adventures.

though when we had a peckish little hunger this sunday night, i opened up a bottle of white wine, a friend stopped by with a savory bread, i opened the two jars with the pickled eggs. and you would not believe everyone liked them. the dill pickled ones were loved, the beet pickled ones were tolerated.
but to my surprise they all, including joel who is not easily being cooed into trying pickled curiosities, and that is, what my eggs were treated. all eggs were gone in a jiffy!

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